About Me

Born in Chicago, Illinois, my family soon moved to Hong Kong, China because of a job opportunity my dad had with his company. I lived in Hong Kong for 4 years, and as one could imagine, living internationally is completely different than living in the states. While overseas, my family and I had the chance to travel to many other countries such as France, Germany, and Italy. This is where my love for new places planted its roots.

I lived in Houston, Texas for the majority of my life. While growing up in the great state, I was a swimmer, volleyball player, and cross country runner. Throughout high school I decided that for college I wanted to go somewhere new, so I chose the University of Alabama.

I have learned alot about myself while attending college in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Alabama is different than any plave I ahd ever been and for that I am grateful that I chose to pursue my degree here.

Upon graduation this May, I plan on taking my talents back home to Texas or maybe even Chicago to hopeully work in the adverstising industry.


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